Albany Area Demographics

Capital District of the Empire State

Welcome to Albany, New York's historic Capital City on the banks of the mighty Hudson River! Albany is firmly rooted in its history and moving toward the future. The Tech Valley initiative is in full swing and attracting a wider demographic base than ever before

New York’s Capital Region has enticed consumers for 400 years with historic sites, fabulous attractions, family-friendly amenities, and entertaining events. World-class museums, unique galleries, stunning architecture, delicious restaurants, and welcoming accommodations ensure the Albany area communities continued growth.

The counties surrounding Albany are the bedroom communities of the business and technology districts. The housing market and retail markets in this region are only minimally effected by recent economic events. The economy is still going strong in all surrounding counties, making Markette Research Inc your first choice in consumer opinions.

Demographics: 2000 census

Albany  click for full report

Population:   294,565

Median Age:  36.8

Males:           47.8%

Female:         52.2%


Saratoga click for full report

Population:   200,635

Median Age:  36.9

Males:           49.3%

Female:         50.7%


Rensselaer click for full report

Population:   152,253

Median Age:  36.7

Males:           49%

Female:         51%